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Next DE Event: September 16th, Thunderhill 3 Mile Track..
HELMETS Update - After June 2016, helmets must be SA2010 rated or later....(No motorcycle (M) helmets please!). For more info click here for FAQ's.

To register for track events (or rent garages) go to
For tech inspection form - click here
       - For general questions, go to our FAQ page

For pics of our events, go to the Diablo-PCA Facebook page Click Here

       DEChair/Director - Adam Cipriano:       DiabloPCA.DEChair@gmail.com
       Chief Driving Instructor - Jeff Urnes:    traqrat@gmail.com
       Sponsorship - Jeff Kreutzer:                  DiabloPCA.Director@gmail.com 
       Track Registrar - Mike Ciopyk:              DiabloPCA.deregistrar@gmail.com
       Event Management - Kay Maloy:           DiabloPCA.editor@gmail.com
        President - Ed Won:                               DiabloPCA.President@gmail.com
        Vice President - Brian Adkins;               DiabloPCA.VicePresident@gmail.com

This is an informational site of the PCA Diablo Region for our DE Program.
To go to PCA Diablo's main site
click here.
Our Sponsors:

                          Walnut Creek Porsche          Livermore Porsche

  Kahlers of Dublin

Our Partners:

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